A novel sensorimotor movement and walking intervention to improve balance and gait in women


Purpose: This study evaluated the effectiveness of a 5-day mind-body exercise (MBE) program on measures of quality of life, balance, balance confidence, mobility and gait in community-dwelling women.

Methods: The MBE program was a 5-day retreat where multiple sessions of Feldenkrais®-based sensorimotor movement training and walking were performed daily. Forty-six women aged 40–80 years old participated in either the MBE program or maintained normal daily activity. Two-footed eyes-closed balance, gait characteristics, mobility via the Timed Up and Go test, balance confidence and quality of life were assessed before and after the intervention.

Results: Women in the MBE group experienced improvements in mobility (6%; p = 0.01), stride length (3%; p = 0.008), single limb support time (1.3%; 0.006), balance confidence (5.2%; p < 0.001) and quality of life (p < 0.05) while the control group did not change.

Conclusion: This short-term intensive program may be beneficial to women at risk of mobility limitations.

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Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice



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