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Aligning Higher Education Programs With Field-Developed Core Competencies in Children’s Behavioral Health: A System of Care Initiative in New Hampshire


This paper focuses on a cross-disciplinary effort that resulted in the creation of the New Hampshire Children’s Behavioral Health Core Competencies for the New Hampshire Children’s Behavioral Health Workforce and the ways in which those competencies have been used to influence changes in children’s mental health curriculums for college undergraduate and graduate students. In particular, department chairs and directors in New Hampshire describe how the core competencies were used in a crosswalk activity their faculty members at three college and university undergraduate and graduate programs in community mental health and mental health counseling, psychology, school psychology, and counselor education. The paper describes the resulting changes in curriculums, internship requirements and sites, and faculty responses in several of the programs. It ends with a description of future directions for this college-level work in New Hampshire.


Institute on Disability

Publication Date

Fall 2016

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Report on Emotional & Behavioral Disorders in Youth


Civic Research Institute

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