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The effectiveness of employer practices to recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities: Supervisor perspectives


BACKGROUND:Employers are increasingly interested in overcoming barriers to hire and retain workers with disabilities. While much is known about barriers that employers report, little is known about employer practices that successfully overcome these barriers. Research about the effectiveness of employer practices is also lacking, making it difficult to translate research findings in actionable ways for employers. OBJECTIVE:This study describes initial findings from the 2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment and Disability Survey-Supervisor Perspectives (KFNEDS-SP), which represents a new approach to investigating employer practices related to disability. METHODS:The KFNEDS-SP, a web-based survey, was designed using standard, replicable survey methods and fielded via a Qualtrics business-to-business panel to supervisors at U.S. organizations. Respondents included 6,530 supervisors ages 18 and older from private, nonprofit, and governmental organizations across industries. RESULTS:The study identifies several employer practices that are underused but that supervisors perceive to be highly effective for employees, generally, and employees with disabilities. It also highlights the importance of upper management commitment to accommodating employees with disabilities. CONCLUSION:Information about the utilization and effectiveness of workplace practices will support new policies and programs to educate and assist employers as they strive to increase employment of people with disabilities.

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Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation


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