Every person at some point in their life wonders how exactly their brains work to create their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Neuroscience is the field that deals with studying the biological and chemical processes underlying our brain’s operations. In this commentary, I give an overview of my experience learning the most commonly used research technique in neuroscience: electrophysiological recording. I had to learn this technique in preparation for my summer 2021 research project that dealt with a novel recording sensor for the neurotransmitter glutamate, and I hope to share the knowledge I gained with the readers of this journal. I also want to show people that scientific research is not as intimidating as it may seem and that anybody can do it if they are interested. I hope that this commentary motivates people to learn more about our brain and nervous system.

Publication Date

Spring 2022

Journal Title

Inquiry Journal


Arturo Andrade


Durham, NH: Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, University of New Hampshire

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