At the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Organic Dairy Research Farm in Lee, New Hampshire, I researched the practice of aerated static composting for potential heat capture. In early 2019, I created an Excel model to illustrate the ability of greenhouses to retain heat during a cold January and calculated the total energy balance for each day. This model shows that an average greenhouse, based on the dimensions of the greenhouse at nearby Kingman Farm, requires an additional, external heat source to supplement its heating needs during this time. By adding the heat generated by the aerated static composting pile to the greenhouse in the Excel model, we showed that the greenhouse could run on this heat alone, without the need for an external, nonrenewable source. UNH has the resources necessary to make this project come to life, and I believe that doing so would further our institution’s achievements in sustainability.

Publication Date

Spring 4-5-2020

Journal Title

Inquiry Journal


John Aber


Durham, NH: Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, University of New Hampshire

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