During the summer of 2015 between my freshman and sophomore years at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), I took part in the Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP) under the direction of Professor Marion Girard Dorsey, associate professor of history. REAP is a summer award program of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research at UNH for highly motivated freshman after their first year. They carry out a research project under the supervision of a UNH faculty member.

Professor Dorsey was working on a book-length project on perceptions of chemical warfare in Britain, the United States, and Canada during the interwar and World War II periods. I was to research Canadian and American sources from these periods in the popular press and literature, political speeches, and scientific literature having to do with the use of poison gas in wartime. The purpose of my and Professor Dorsey’s research was to see if public, political, and scientific perceptions of poison gas could have influenced or replaced legal means taken to control its use after World War I; and if so, how. This project also gave me the opportunity to learn how to conduct scholarly research in primary and secondary sources.

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Spring 4-1-2016


UNH Undergraduate Research Journal

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Inquiry Journal


Jennifer Lee


Marion Girard Dorsey


Durham, NH: Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, University of New Hampshire

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