Wanted: training competencies for the twenty‐first century


– The purpose of this research paper is to describe the results and implications of the training professionals' competencies in the hospitality industry in the USA.
– A qualitative implicit method, in‐depth interviews using pictures were conducted with ten training professionals, where metaphors were widely used and links between concepts were identified. The qualitative software Atlas ti was used in creating a consensus map: a display showing the required competencies of training professionals in hospitality.
– The training competencies that resulted from the current study are imperative for the effectiveness of training and development such as teamwork, inspiration‐motivation, creativity, mentoring, keeping current, proactiveness, active listening, staying healthy, training measurement, consistency, and love and passion for the profession.
Research limitations/implications
– In‐depth interviews using pictures is an implicit research technique that attempts to reveal the unconscious thoughts and opinions of training professionals. The study took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, a unique tourist destination, and the interviewees were employed by large hotel‐casino corporations. Future studies need to research different sizes of hospitality institutions and different tourist destinations.
Practical implications
– Human resources management can use the outcome of the study as a guide for compiling competency‐based job analyses for training positions, and consequently recruit and appraise training professionals based on these job specifications. Moreover, the outcome of the paper can be proven beneficial not only for hospitality executives, and future and current training professionals, but also for educators since training and teaching show‐case many similarities.
Social implications
– Improved and efficient training will result in lower employee turnover since employees will rate higher in job satisfaction and consequently that will result in better customer service and returning business for the company; a win‐win situation for all involved stakeholders in a hospitality company.
– Both hospitality executives and future and current training professionals should find these research results most interesting as they reveal the necessary competencies that will enable them to best train and develop hospitality employees.


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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management


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