Honors Theses and Capstones

Date of Award

Spring 2024

Project Type

Senior Honors Thesis

College or School




Program or Major


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

First Advisor

Clarissa Michalak

Second Advisor

Kundai Andrew Midzi


This study explores the correlation between the DRD2 Polymorphism exon 8 C/T (rs6276) and manifestations of delirium tremens (DT). DT is a condition that is clinically diagnosed utilizing two characteristic symptom manifestations: the presence of delirium and severe alcohol withdrawal. It is not entirely understood why DT can occur in some patients, but evidence has suggested that genetic predisposition can play a role. Utilizing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research database and performing a secondary analysis of existing genomic data, this candidate gene association study aims to determine the genotype frequencies within three cohorts: a healthy control group (n = 554), an alcohol-dependent group (n = 577), and the delirium tremens case group (n = 350). This study is seeking to replicate and confirm findings from a previous study by Grzywacz et al. (2012) that utilized a smaller and less diverse sample population. Basic statistical analysis methods are utilized to validate the findings within this study. This study was able to reproduce the findings from the Grzywacz et al. (2012) study, in which the authors found the T/T genotype to be a positive predictive factor for the presence or lack of seizures in alcohol withdrawal. The C/T genotype may be a protective factor for alcohol dependence. The findings from this study will accelerate future research that can utilize traditional epidemiological methods to confirm the correlation.