Honors Theses and Capstones

Date of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

Senior Honors Thesis

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Program or Major


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

First Advisor

Ju-Chin Huang


Annies bunnies or Kraft elbows? Supermarket or farmers market? Organic and local foods have been on the rise in the global market since the new millennium began (Darnhofer, 2010: 68, Schupp, 2016: 319). The growth in organic is attributed to consumers wanting their food to be healthier and more environmentally friendly (Aschemann-Witzel et. Al, 2017: 211, Van Doorn et. A, 2011: 167). The appeals of local foods are similar, plus the added component of boosting the local economy and building community (Hempel & Hamm, 2016: 732). Income is not the only factor affecting preferences and willingness to pay (WTP). Actors such as individual characteristics may also affect consumer preferences. The culture that the consumer associates with may be a major influence in purchase decision. The purpose of this study is to examine preferences for organic and local produce of residents in New Hampshire and Vermont. By analysing the survey data about knowledge and consumption characteristics, the objective of this study is to examine the impact of the underlying cultural differences of the two states on preferences for produce.