Community College-University Partnership: An Innovative Approach Toward Educating Tomorrow's Public Health Workforce



The Institute of Medicine and The Educated Citizen and Public Health Initiative suggest that an understanding of public health is a core component of an educated public and is necessary to develop social responsibility (Association of American Colleges and Universities [AAC&U], 2011; National Research Council, 2003). To respond to this call, the University of New Hampshire collaborated with faculty from the New Hampshire Community College System to introduce the public health field through a course called Global Public Health Issues. This article will discuss the development, implementation, and evaluation of a public health course between a two-year and four-year college. It will also discuss the potential for such a partnership and public health course to encourage life-long learning and a commitment to social responsibility, allow for new course/major/minor development in public health, enable faculty to expand their expertise, broaden the attractiveness of two-year colleges, and introduce a vocation-based student population to the value of public health and the public health workforce.

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Community College Journal of Research and Practice


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