Closure to: The optimal allocation of water withdrawals in a river basin


The authors present an objective methodology using flow duration curves and a chance-constrained mathematical programming technique to determine the optimal allocation of streamflow to competing multiple users in a river basin. The discusser feels that the methodology presented by the authors is very interesting and valuable to field engineers and policymakers involved in water allocation decisions. The methodology has merits because of its simplicity, its ease in implementation, and its ability to help in understanding the impact of streamflow availability and user requirements on the streamflow allocation. However, the discusser feels that a few points associated with the formulation and application of the proposed general chance-constrained model for maximizing water allocation in a river basin for productive use must be addressed and clarified before the proposed model can be advocated for implementation in solving real-life problems.


Earth Systems Research Center

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Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management


American Society of Civil Engineers

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