Date of Award

Spring 1986

Project Type


Program or Major


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


In order to calculate the fire resistance of a building component, it is necessary to know the temperature history of the component during exposure to fire. In this dissertation a numerical method is described for calculating the temperature field in fire-exposed columns. The procedure is based on a finite difference method for calculating the temperature history of concrete-filled square steel and cylindrical reinforced concrete columns. Two mathematical models and their related computer programs for these columns are presented in this dissertation.

Furthermore, the Division of Building Research of the National Research Council of Canada, is now carrying out extensive experimental studies on building columns. These studies include the testing of various columns under fire conditions. The data obtained from these tests will be used to determine the validity of the new models. In order to perform these tests the maximum allowable load must be known. Two mathematical models and their related computer programs to calculate the maximum allowable load of various column cross-sections are also presented in this dissertation.