Data Catalog

The Data Catalog @ UNH Scholars’ Repository is an inventory of data sets that UNH researchers have deposited in external repositories for long-term access and preservation. The Data Catalog consists of simple descriptive records that link out to published or archived research data. The objective of the Data Catalog is to improve and promote the discovery of UNH research data, and foster an institutional culture of responsible data sharing and reuse.

Research data eligible for inclusion in the Data Catalog @ UNH Scholars’ Repository must meet the following criteria:

  • Data was collected, created, or captured with the involvement of at least one University of New Hampshire researcher.
  • Data is digital and published or archived in an online repository for open or restricted use.
  • Data must include adequate documentation describing the nature of the data at an appropriate level for purposes of reuse and discovery.

You can submit a record of your published or archived research data to the Data Catalog @ UNH Scholars’ Repository or email our data librarian.


Submissions from 2019


Seabird and Plastic Ingestion Data Set, Aliya Caldwell, Elizabeth Craig, and Jennifer Seavey


Unmanned Aerial Imagery over Stordalen Mire, Northern Sweden, 2014, Michael Palace, Christina Herrick, Jessica DelGreco, Ruth Varner, Daniel Finnell, and Anthony John Garnello

Submissions from 2018


Long-term Rocky Intertidal Monitoring on Appledore Island, Maine, 1982-2017, Shoals Marine Laboratory; University of New Hampshire & Cornell University

Submissions from 1988


Brief Mood Introspection Scale (BMIS): Open-Source Data, John D. Mayer and Yvonne N. Gaschke