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This thesis features a critical media effects analysis of the present United States music industry. Popular music and its associated production and promotion industry is overwhelmingly dominated by men and is correspondingly subject to the influence of dominant cultural ideologies. These ideologies include the oppression and marginalization of women and the furthering of their subordinate status within American culture. The projection of these inherently unjust principles not only reinscribes pre-established societal status quos, but also influences the general public to further internalize, develop, and reproduce them. These prompted understandings contribute to the lacking power and equality of women in society and actively hinder their advancement in the music industry as well as throughout the greater socio-cultural sphere. I conducted my research through the study of academic scholarship, reports, and articles associated with concepts of popular music and feminism, and further combined thematic conceptualizations of both to develop an analysis of the music industry and its associated intentions as a mass medium. In alignment with my research are the arguments and assertions that I will communicate through this report, and I will conclude with an analysis of the many progressive endeavors that have been chartered to mitigate the impacts of these realities.



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