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In this issue:

Changing Dynamics in Digital Culture & Society: The Phenomenon of “Blackfishing” by Estefania De La Torre

A Royal Pain: Tensions of Womanhood in Padmaavat by Hannah Baum

A Narrative of Antiquity: An Analysis of the Shift in Ecclesiastical-Secular Power in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Italy by Kyra Nelson

The Conflict over Cliché by David Hadley

Nano-Influencers as a Commodity by Caila Kilson-Kuchtic

Instagram On Paper: Journaling, Photography and Mindfulness by Emma Barresi

A Rhetorical Analysis of Twitter: ISTE Educational Technology Conference Exhibitors by Hannah Baum

DNA Databases: Problematic on Grounds of Constitutionality, Fallibility, and Discriminatory Practice by Monique Ricard

Revlon vs. Beauty and Freedom by Rebecca Link

The Power of Context in a Court of Law by Cindi Edwards

Social Media and the Narcissistic User by Matthew Gilligan

Mindfulness as a Media: Concrete or Commercial? by Payton Taylor



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