The purpose of this study was to determine what plankton species was more dominant in Townhouse Pond and what effects predation has on the food web. Plankton size is important when determining pelagic food web structure. Plankton size along with predation determines whether the lake is dominated by top-down or bottom-up control. Plankton size and biomass, grazing rates, light intensity, and chemistry parameters were all determined for Townhouse Pond in October 2008. We concluded that Townhouse Pond is a mesotrophic lake and is mainly dominated by phytoplankton, such as Microystis and Dinobryon. Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus), planktivorous fish, are dominant in this pond resulting in top-down control. Although various studies were conducted here, further research could determine the abundance of alewife and their prey and specific parameter that effect their predation.

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UNH Center for Freshwater Biology Research

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