Dynamic adjustment of stereo display parameters


This paper reports on an experimental approach to adjusting stereo parameters automatically and thereby providing a low eye strain, easily accommodated stereo view for computer graphics applications. To this end, the concept of virtual eye separation is defined. Experiment 1 shows that dynamic changes in virtual eye separation are not noticed if they occur over a period of a few seconds. Experiment 2 shows that when subjects are given control over their virtual eye separation, they change it depending on the amount of depth in the scene. Based partly on these results, an algorithm is presented for enhancing stereo depth cues for moving computer generated 3D images. It has the effect of doubling the stereo depth in flat scenes and limiting the stereo depth for deep scenes. It also reduces the occurrence of double images and the discrepancy between focus and vergence. The algorithm is applied dynamically in real time with an optional damping factor applied so the disparities never change too abruptly. Finally, Experiment 3 provides a qualitative assessment of the algorithm with a dynamic “flight” over a digital elevation map.

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IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing


28, Issue 1



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Washington DC, USA



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Journal Article