Explorations and Virtual Camera Control in Virtual Three Dimensional Enivronments


This paper evaluates three distinct metaphors for exploration and virtual camera control in virtual environments using a six degree of freedo m input device . The metaphors are "eyeball i n hand" , "scene in hand", and "flying vehicle control" . 'These metaphors have been implemente d and evaluated using an IRIS workstation and a Polhemus 3Space . The system has the capability to record the motion path followed durin g an exploration session and this can be recorde d and played hack to create a movie . Evaluation is through intensive structured interview session s wherein subjects are required to complete a number of tasks involving three different "toy" environments . None of the metaphors is judge d the best in all situations, rather the differen t metaphors each have advantages and disadvantages depending on the particular task . For example, "scene in hand" is judged to be good for manipulating closed objects, but is not good for moving through an interior; whereas "flying vehicl e control" is judged the best for navigating throug h the interior, but is poor for moving around a closed object .


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

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ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics


24, Issue 2



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New York, NY, USA


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