High Resolution Mapping and Backscatter Studies in Support of the Ripples Program


The long‐term goal of the Office of Naval Research’s RIPPLES DRI is to develop the ability to predict the geometry and evolution of seabed morphology, particularly the presence or absence of ripples which have been shown to affect the sub‐seabed penetration of acoustic energy. In support of the RIPPLES and SAX04 programs, high‐resolution, multifrequency, multibeam mapping surveys were completed during September and October 2004 within three small areas off Destin, FL. The first survey was completed prior to Hurricane Ivan and followed the burial of minelike targets in the SAX04 field area. The second survey occurred during the SAX04 experiments approximately 6 weeks after Hurricane Ivan made landfall. Ripples were not observed in the bathymetric data from the first survey. Some small‐scale features are present in the bathymetry from the second survey; however, most of the ripples generated by HurricaneIvan had degraded by the time the survey was completed. Large‐scale ripple features are present in the bathymetric data that extend off‐shore from the SAX04 area. Difference maps of the pre‐ and post‐Hurricane Ivan bathymetry and the acoustic backscatter data show remarkable evidence of sediment deposition and erosion. [Work supported by ONR Grant N00014‐04‐1‐0624.]


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


120, Issue 5



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Melville, NY, USA


Acoustical Society of America

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