Calibrated Seafloor Acoustic Backscatter Imagery with a 160 kHz Multibeam Sonar


A fully calibrated multibeam swath sonar operating at 160 kHz was used to collect seafloor acoustic backscatter data in Portsmouth Harbor, NH. Acoustic backscatter levels integrated over each beam’s footprint are compared with levels integrated over the sonar pulse’s footprint commonly used in sidelooking sonar imagery of the seafloor. In both cases, concurrent swathbathymetry is used to convert arrival angles measured at the sonar into angles of incidence relative to the seafloor. These results are contrasted against an extensive sedimentary and acoustic database obtained in 2001 with high frequency seafloor mapping sonars O(100–500 kHz) while assembling a common data set for the 2nd International Conference on High‐resolution Surveys in Shallow Water 2001 (http://www.ccom.unh.edu/shallow/shallowsurvey.htm).

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


116, Issue 4



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Melville, NY, USA


Acoustical Society of America

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Journal Article