The challenges of shoreline mapping include the high costs of acquiring up-to-date survey data over the coastal area. As a result, in many developing countries, the shoreline has not been consistently mapped. The variety of methods used for this mapping and the large time differences between the surveys (on the order of decades) could result in inaccuracies in shoreline data. This study presents the development of a shoreline characterization procedure for the Nigerian coastline using satellite remote sensing technology. The study goal is to produce a complete, consistent and continuous shoreline map using publicly available data processed in a GIS environment. A spectral analysis using different satellite bands was conducted to define the land/water boundary and characterize the coastal area around the shoreline. The satellite-derived shorelines were compared to charted shorelines for adequacy and consistency. The procedure was developed based on study sites along the Nigerian coastline. Although the shoreline characterization procedure is developed based on datasets from Nigeria, the procedure should be suitable for use in mapping other developing areas around world.


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

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US Hydrographic Conference

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Mar 25 - Mar 28, 2013

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New Orleans, LA, USA


Hydrographic Society of America

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