A GO-PRO underwater stereo camera kit has been used to measure the 3D topography (bathymetry) of a patch of seafloor producing a point cloud with a spatial data density of 15 measurements per 3 mm grid square and an standard deviation of less than 1 cm A GO-PRO camera is a fixed focus, 11 megapixel, still-frame (or 1080p high-definition video) camera, whose small form-factor and water-proof housing has made it popular with sports enthusiasts. A stereo camera kit is available providing a waterproof housing (to 61 m / 200 ft) for a pair of cameras. Measures of seafloor micro-bathymetrycapable of resolving seafloor features less than 1 cm in amplitude were possible from the stereoreconstruction. Bathymetric measurements of this scale provide important ground-truth data and boundary condition information for modeling of larger scale processes whose details depend on small-scale variations. Examples include modeling of turbulent water layers, seafloor sediment transfer and acoustic backscatter from bathymetric echo sounders.


Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

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IEEE Oceans

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Oct 14 - Oct 19, 2012

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Hampton Roads, VA, USA



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