While conducting hydrographic survey operations in the Florida Keys, NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson served as a test platform for the initial operational implementation of an L-3 Klein HydroChart 5000 Swath Bathymetry Sonar System1 , a hull-mounted phase measuring bathymetric sonar (PMBS). During the project it became apparent that the traditional patch test typically utilized for multibeam echosounder (MBES) systems was poorly suited to the HydroChart – and perhaps other PMBS systems as well. These systems have several inherent characteristics that make it difficult to isolate and subsequently solve for biases under the traditional patch test paradigm: presence of a nadir gap, wide swaths (typically greater than 6 times water depth), and relatively poor object-detection capability in the outer swath. After “rethinking” the patch test to account for these characteristics, the authors propose a new patch test paradigm that is better suited to the HydroChart and other PMBS systems.

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US Hydrographic Conference

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Apr 25 - Apr 28, 2011

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Tampa Bay, FL, USA


Hydrographic Society of America

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Conference Proceeding