Observations of Bedform Evolution in an Inlet


Observations of bedforms ranging in size from sand ripples to sand waves were obtained with repeated high-resolution multibeam sonar surveys in the fall of 2011 within the inlet leading to Hampton/Seabrook Harbor, NH. The inlet is approximately 1 km in length and 300 m wide, with bottom sediments consisting of medium to coarse grained quartz sand. Sand waves, on the order of 1 m in amplitude and 10 m in wavelength, extend across the width of the inlet; and sand ripples on the order of 0.10 m in amplitude and 2 m wavelength, are present between the sand waves. The large sand waves are more well-defined and larger in amplitude toward the northern side of the inlet with diminishing amplitudes trending to the south. Observations show that while the large sand waves maintained their basic morphology throughout the three week study period, they migrated horizontally up to 15 m. Bedform evolution will be compared to current measurements collected within the inlet using both moored and vessel mounted ADCPs. (Abstract ID 12025)

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Ocean Sciences Meeting



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Feb 20 - Feb 24, 2012

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Salt Lake City, UT, USA



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