Clearance of Harbor Navigation Channels with High-resolution Bottom Surveys


The safety of navigation channels leading to or within a harbor can be ensured by repeat high‐resolution bottom surveys to detect new hazards or obstacles. This task requires a sonar systemcapable of acquiring high‐resolution acoustic backscatter imagery and bathymetry. Because of the generally shallow water depths ( 20 m), survey efficiency dictates data collection over wide swaths at high speeds. We have demonstrated these capabilities in October 2006 in New York harbor, NY, with a Klein 5410 multibeam side‐looking sonar system yiedling swath coverage of at least 7 times the water depth at a nominal survey speed of 10 knots. This has been achieved by integrating the hull‐mounted sonar system with precision attitude ( 0.01 deg) and timing ( 10‐6 s) references, and by designing and implementing a full vector processing algorithm to obtain co‐registered high‐resolution bathymetry and acoustic backscatter imagery, allowing us to resolve sub‐meter targets. [Work funded by NOAA‐NMFS].

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America





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Jun 4 - Jun 8, 2007

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Salt Lake City, UT, USA


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