ME70 Seafloor Characterization and 4D Water Column Visualization


The Simrad ME70 multibeam echo sounder has the potential to conduct simultaneous seafloor and mid-water analysis. This talk will examine one approach to seafloor mapping and bottom characterization using a standard water column mode, which utilizes split-beam processing to realize several independent bottom detections per beam. The limitations of this approach - including the maximum grazing angle for which split-beam processing is useful - will be discussed. Examples of water column data visualizations, and raw data extraction, using a new software tool developed by IVS-3D, will also be presented.

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ICES Working Group on Fisheries Acoustics, Science and Technology



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May 19 - May 22

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Ancona, Italy


International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)

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Conference Proceeding