3-D Spatial Sampling with a Cylindrical Multibeam Sonar ,


Various beam pair combinations can be formed with cylindrical multibeam sonar arrays to obtain a 3D spatial sampling of a patch of seafloor for each ping. This capability is explored with a 286 deg sector cylindrical array transmitting a stepped FM pulse over a 243 deg vertical fan beam centered on nadir and receiving with twenty‐seven beam pairs, symmetrically steered about nadir in the fore‐aft direction and spaced at 7.16 deg intervals across track. Conventional conjugate product techniques yield two across‐track profiles of 26 soundings each (52 phasors total) per ping. However, by combining one or two phasors along‐track and one, two or three phasors across‐track, soundings can be obtained at the spatial bisectors of the angles between the 52 phasors. This yields three profiles consisting of 51 soundings each, for a total of 153 soundings. This effectively creates a 3D patch of detected seafloor for each ping, which may overlap with the patches from adjacent pings depending on the sonars attitude changes and altitude above the seafloor.

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


117, Issue 4



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May 16 - May 20

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St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada


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