Haptic Task Constraints for 3D Interaction


We have created a haptically enabled fish tank VR that we call Haptic-GeoZui3D that utilizes a set of haptic widget and data object elements to support rapid and intuitive interaction within a large geographical data space. We leverage the center of workspace navigation metaphor with a Phantom 1.0 haptic device situated in a fish tank VR arrangement to provide a synergistic environment for developing, demonstrating and evaluating these haptic elements. We have developed several principles to guide our effort, chief of which is the notion that haptic forces should be used to provide constraints on user tasks, rather than mimic physical object forces. This paper provides a detailed overview of Haptic-GeoZui3D and it's application in path planning for Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (AUVs), as well as some ideas for future development.

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Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems


11th Symposium, 2003



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Mar 22 - Mar 23, 2003

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Los Angeles, CA, USA



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Conference Proceeding