A successful Capacity Building project in hydrography is underway at the University of New Hampshire. Organised by the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans and sponsored by the Nippon Foundation, the programme trains hydrographers and other marine scientists in bathymetric mapping. Participants are formally prepared to produce bathymetric maps when they return to their home countries through a combination of graduate level courses and workshops, practical field training, participation in deep ocean research cruises, working visits to other laboratories and institutions, focused lectures from visiting experts, and the preparation of a bathymetry map of their area from public domain data. Intangible but necessary preparation includes the networking with professionals in bathymetry and related fields within Ocean Mapping, and the building of a cadre of graduates who will form the basis of international bathymetric mapping in the future.

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International Hydrographic Review


6, No. 3 (New Series)



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Lemmers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


International Hydrographic Organization

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Journal Article