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Madame Michelle Fine Millinery, Dover, New Hampshire

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Women's costume accessories; Worn costume accessories; Headgear


Silk, velvet, ribbon, buckram, wire


1920s. Rust velvet cloche on buckram and wire, with a deep domed crown and narrow brim.

The brim is oval, widest at the sides. The front and back are turned up. The edge of the brim and its seam to the crown are reinforced with wire. The crown is made with a buckram base shorter than the velvet covering it, so that the velvet makes two soft horizontal folds before it is sewn to the brim.

Flowers and leaves are embossed onto orange, green, and pink velvet and sewn to the front of the crown. A tarnished metallic ribbon weaves through the flowers and wraps around the crown. like a hatband. A knotted thread at the left side indicates another decorative element, now missing.

The brim is lined with the same rust velvet. The crown is lined with black glazed cotton, basted to the velvet at the seam of the brim and crown, with an added interior band on top. The cotton is gathered along a thread at the top of the crown. A milliner’s label is stamped in gold at the back on the lining. Professionally made. Sewn by machine with hand-sewn finishing.


Depth: variable, between 1.3 to 4.4 cm / 0.5 to 1.75 in. (depth of brim)
Height: 16.5 cm / 6.5 in. (height of crown)


Gift of Edith H. McNutt. Hat is stamped with “Madame Michelle Fine Millinery, Dover, NH”. Likely worn by the donor in and around Durham, New Hampshire.

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University of New Hampshire Library


Astrida Schaeffer, photographer/curator

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Women’s garments, Accessories worn, Head, Headgear, Hats, Cloche, 1920s, Dover, Durham, New Hampshire, United States, Brim, Crown, Hatband, Silk, Buckram Wire, Velvet, Cotton, Glazed cotton, Polished cotton, Ribbon, Embossing, Basting, Gathering, Rust (color), Orange, Green, Pink, Black, Gold, Milliner, Label, Machine-sewn, Hand-sewn, McNutt (donor)


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