Irma G. Bowen Historic Clothing Collection


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Date Created

Early 1900s


Costume accessories; Worn costume accessories; Belts


Cut steel beads, buckram


Early 20th century. Cut steel beads hand-sewn to machine-made belt webbing with a decorative element at center front and a decorated buckle at center back.

Two machine made webbing bands form the base of the belt and are covered in tiny hand-sewn cut steel beads placed in rows. The stitching for these beads does not penetrate to the back of the belt. The bands are sewn to a buckram shape at the center front of the belt, which is decorated with the same tiny beads as well as larger round beads and one large oval bead. This is supported with a piece of boning or a stay. At center back, the belt closes with a wide, two-part hook-and-eye buckle, covered on the left side with a six-lobed cut steel bead element made of medium-sized beads and six large oval beads. The belt is unlined. Hand-sewn over a machine-made belt.


Length: 76.2 cm / 30 in.
Width of belting: 3.5 cm / 1.375 in.
Widest element: 10.2 cm / 4 in.

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University of New Hampshire Library


Astrida Schaeffer, photographer/curator

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Photography copyright, Astrida Schaeffer.


Women's belts (costume accessories), Early 20th century, New Hampshire, United States, Belt webbing, Buckle, Hook-and-eye, Cut bead, Steel bead, Buckram, Boning, Machine-made, Hand-sewn


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