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[Excerpt] “Throughout history many people have viewed sodomy and prostitution as moral evils, because sex has often been linked to sin and, therefore, to immorality and guilt. For example, in ancient Hebrew, a sodomite was known as a qadhesh, a male temple prostitute who was associated with heathen deities and impure forms of worship. The female version of qadhesh, qedheshah, is translated directly as prostitute. This archaic view of labeling prostitution and sodomy as impure has been challenged over time, and both topics are still a source of great controversy.”

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Nicole A. Hough, Sodomy and Prostitution: Laws Protecting the “Fabric of Society”, 3 Pierce L. Rev. 101 (2004), available at http://scholars.unh.edu/unh_lr/vol3/iss1/7

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