Most Recent Additions*


A Qualitative Approach to Understanding the Underlying Beliefs of Microbrewery Consumers
Allison Carr, Yeon Ho Shin Dr., Kimberly Severt Dr., and Melvin Lewis Dr.


Examining the Craft Brew Industry: Identifying Research Needs
Sylvia Smith, John Farrish, Matthew McCarroll, and Elizabeth Huseman


Beverage Bloggers: A Developing Relationship Between Wine Blogger Expertise and Twitter Followers
Byron Marlowe, Eric Adam Brown, Thomas Schrier, and Tianshu Zheng


Beyond Dining and Recreation Services: How Does the Greater UNH Campus Support a Healthy Lifestyle?
Mary E. Hammar, Julia Boisselle, Courtney Pusz, and Genevieve Gray


Quantifying black carbon deposition over the Greenland ice sheet from forest fires in Canada (In Press)
J. L. Thomas, C. M. Polashenski, A. J. Soja, L. Marelle, K. Casey, H. D. Choi, J. C. Raut, C. Wiedinmyer, L. Emmons, J. Fast, J. Pelon, K. S. Law, M. G. Flanner, and Jack E. Dibb


Direct aerosol radiative forcing over central Greenland: The influences of light-absorbing aerosols and snow albedo variability (In Press)
B. M. Strellis, M. H. Bergin, Jack E. Dibb, I. Sokolik, P. Sheridan, J. A. Ogren, C. Carmagnola, J. Hu, and F. Domine


Decadal change of summertime reactive nitrogen species and surface ozone over the Southeast United States (In Press)
J. Li, J. Mao, A. M. Fiore, R. C. Cohen, J. D. Crounse, A. P. Teng, P. O. Wennberg, J. Peischl, I. B. Pollack, T. B. Ryerson, P. Veres, J. M. Robert, J. A. Neuman, J. B. Nowack, G. M. Wolfe, T. F. Hanisco, A. Fried, H. B. Singh, Jack E. Dibb, and F. Paulot


Elements and inorganic ions as source tracers in recent Greenland snow (In Press)
A. M. Lai, M. M. Shafer, Jack E. Dibb, C. M. Polashenski, and J. J. Schauer


Seasonality and sources of light-absorbing aerosols at Summit, Greenland (In Press)
J. Hu, M. H. Bergin, Jack E. Dibb, P. Sheridan, E. Andrews, and J. A. Ogren


Reactive chlorine emissions in the Barnett Shale natural gas production region (In Press)
C. B. Faxon, Jack E. Dibb, R. J. Griffin, A. P. Rutter, and D. T. Allen


Sensitivity to grid resolution in the ability of a chemical transport model to simulate observed oxidant chemistry under high-isoprene conditions
Karen Yu, Daniel J. Jacob, Jenny A. Fisher, Patrick S. Kim, Eloise A. Marais, Christopher C. Miller, Katherine R. Travis, Lei Zhu, Robert M. Yantosca, Melissa P. Sulprizio, Ronald C. Cohen, Jack E. Dibb, Alan Fried, Tomas Mikoviny, Thomas B. Ryerson, Paul O. Wennberg, and Armin Wisthaler


Comment on “Low time resolution analysis of ice cores cannot detect impulsive nitrate events” by D. F. Smart et al.
E. W. Wolff, M. Bigler, M. A. J. Curran, Jack E. Dibb, M. M. Frey, M. Legrand, and J. R. McConnell

*Updated as of 07/20/17.