The Health Leader Forge is a long form podcast featuring in-depth interviews with amazing leaders who work in health and healthcare. In each interview, we explore the leader's career journey up to their current role and organization, discuss their current role and organization, and then conclude with their views on leadership. Come journey with us!


Submissions from 2017

Susan DeMarco, Director, Organizational Development, Exeter Health Resources, Susan Clay DeMarco, Carly Barber, Jessica Fucci, and Mark Bonica

Dr. Skip Homicz, DDS, FAGD, Dental Director, Families First Health and Support Center, Skip Homicz, Sameer Panesar, and Mark Bonica

Brigadier General Jeffrey J. Johnson, Commander, Brooke Army Medical Center, Jeffery J. Johnson and Mark Bonica

Sam Shields, Director, Operational Excellence, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Shields Sam and Mark Bonica

Thomas C. Lavallee, COO, Alliance Health Management Services, Lavallee Thomas and Mark Bonica

Warren K. West, MBA, FACHE, CEO, North Country Healthcare, Warren K. West and Mark Bonica

Submissions from 2016

Dr. Kenneth P. Anderson, D.O., M.S., CPE, Chief Operating Officer for the Health Research & Educational Trust, Kenneth Anderson and Mark Bonica

Patricia "Patsy" Aprile, Senior VP and COO, Southern Maine Health Care, Patricia Aprile and Mark Bonica

Kathy Bizarro-Thunberg, Executive Vice President, New Hampshire Hospital Association, Kathleen Bizarro-Thunberg and Mark Bonica

Christopher M. Callahan, VP of HR, Exeter Health Resources, Callahan Christopher and Mark Bonica

Karen F. Clements, RN, FACHE, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Karen Clements and Mark Bonica

Laura Curnan, Executive Director, High Point Village Retirement and Assisted Living Community, Laura Curnan and Mark Bonica

Brigadier General R. Scott Dingle, MEDCOM Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, Scott Dingle and Mark Bonica

Kevin Donovan, CEO, Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center, Kevin Donovan and Mark Bonica

Dr. Kristy Fassler, ND, Co-Founder, North Coast Family Health, Kristy Fassler and Mark Bonica


Susanna Fier, Esq., VP of Public Affairs and Marketing, Elliot Health System, Susanna Fier and Mark Bonica

Katie Fullam Harris, SVP of Government Relations and Accountable Care Strategy, MaineHealth, Katie Fullam Harris and Mark Bonica

Shaping the Future Series: The Healthcare Organization’s Role in Formulating Public Policy, Katie Fullam Harris, Matthew Houde, Richard Silveria, and Lucy Hodder

Policy Special: Hodder on Current Health Policy Issues, Lucy Hodder and Mark Bonica

Lucy C. Hodder, J.D., Director of Health Law Programs and Professor of Law, Lucy C. Hodder and Mark Bonica

John R. Fernandez, President and Chief Executive Officer, MEEI, Fernandez John and Mark Bonica

Patrick Jordan, COO, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Patrick Jordan and Mark Bonica

Shaping the Future Series: From Broken System to Accountable Care: Improving Mental Health and Addictions Services by Putting Patients First, Louis Josephson and Mark Bonica

Raymond A. Levy, Psy.D., Executive Director, The Fatherhood Project, Raymond A. Levy and Mark Bonica

Rev. Frank Macht, Director of Chaplaincy, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Frank Macht and Mark Bonica

Michael D. Peterson, FACHE, President of Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Peterson Michael and Mark Bonica

Shaping the Future Series: Talent Management for Bench Strength Development, Samantha O'Neill, Kevin Callahan, Warren West, and Mark Bonica

Dr. Joseph Pepe, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of CMC Healthcare System, Joseph Pepe and Mark Bonica

Luanne S. Rogers, President & CEO, The Courville Communities, Luanne Rogers and Mark Bonica

Nirav Shah, MD, MPH, Senior VP and COO for Clinical Operations, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Nirav Shah and Mark Bonica

Gerald J. "Gerry" Vicenzi, President, Synernet Inc., Gerald J. Vicenzi and Mark Bonica

Sheila Woolley, RN, NEA-BC, BSN, MPH, CNO and VP of Patient Care Services at Wentworth-Douglass Health System, Sheila Woolley and Mark Bonica

Roderic Olvera Young, Executive Vice President, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, Roderic Olivera Young and Mark Bonica

Submissions from 2015

Phil Alexakos, Chief of Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness, Phil Alexakos and Mark Bonica

Daniel L. Andrus, Fire Chief for the City of Concord, New Hampshire, Daniel Andrus and Mark Bonica

Colonel David Bitterman, Chief of Staff, Southern Regional Medical Command, David Bitterman and Mark Bonica

Kevin Callahan, CEO Exeter Health Resources, Kevin Callahan and Mark Bonica

Jay Couture, CEO/Executive Director, Seacoast Mental Health Center, Jay Couture and Mark Bonica

Patricia Cummings, Administrator, The Edgewood Centre, Patricia Cummings and Mark Bonica

Michael S. Ferrara, Dean, College of Health and Human Services, UNH, Michael Ferrara and Mark Bonica

Jill Gravink, Founder and Executive Director of Northeast Passage, Jill Gravink and Mark Bonica

Edgar J. Helms, Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice, Edgar J. Helms and Mark Bonica

Major General Jimmie O. Keenan, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Medical Command, Jimmie O. Keenan and Mark Bonica

Robert Mach, Executive Director for Operations, Littleton Regional Healthcare, Robert Mach and Mark Bonica

Stephen Norton, Executive Director, New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, Stephen Norton and Mark Bonica

Betsey Rhynhart, Executive Director, New Hampshire Accountable Care Partners, Betsey Rhynhart and Mark Bonica

Dr. Michael Sherman, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Michael Sherman and Mark Bonica

Tim Soucy, Director of the Manchester Health Department, Tim Soucy and Mark Bonica

Bridget Stewart, Vice President for Physician Services, Elliot Health System, Bridget Stewart and Mark Bonica

Greg Townsend, Vice President of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Greg Townsend and Mark Bonica

Peter Wright, President and CEO of Valley Regional Healthcare, Peter Wright and Mark Bonica